Mission Motorsport

Race of Remembrance 2014

The Mission Motorsport Race of Remembrance was held on the 9th November 2014 at the Anglesey Circuit Trac Mon. The Race of Remembrance is an 8 hour endurance race, with teams of up to 4 people competing to complete the most laps in the allotted time. The participants can elect to run in relay style using different cars, or for the ultimate challenge, compete in the Heroes Trophy by racing the whole 8 hours using a single car.

The gallery from this event has been split into 3 pages due to the number of images. Full, hi-resolution versions of these images are available on request, in return for a small donation to the Mission Motorsport charity.

Photograph Collections

Hand picked selection of images taken over the last 8 years

The following two portfolios contain photographs taken in and around the UK over the last 8 years, categorised by type - "Automotive Static Photography" and "Panning Shots".

Automotive and Motorsport Photography - The Statics - by Dave Adams


Cars sitting still

Automotive and Motorsport Photography - Panning shots - by Dave Adams


Cars in Motion